Problems In The Current GameFi Ecosystem

  • While blockchain games with complex game mechanics are being developed at a rapid rate throughout the gamefi ecosystem, there is still no comprehensive solution or support for non-blockchain games to be placed on the defi stack. Furthermore, gamers are loyal to the games they love with some playing the same title for months at a time. It is imperative for the growth of gamefi that non-blockchain be part of the gamefi phenomenon.
  • Migrating large communities is a herculean task. Gamers form some of the most vibrant and tight-knit communities that exist on the internet with millions banding together to share in the fun of the activity. Larger communities attract even more members essentially driving a positive feedback loop. The inertia gamefi developers have to overcome is visibly immense.
  • There exists no vehicle to transport value across games on different ecosystems. Gamefi developers till now have focused on building an ecosystem of their games, and incentives based on those games, unintentionally creating the very centrality that they rally against.
Other common problems across the current gamefi ecosystem are:
Huge waiting times for finality, slow-paced games.
High barriers to entry, skyrocketing transaction fees.
Inability to assimilate regular gaming communities with gamefi.
Focus on money-making strategies as opposed to actual gameplay.
The complicated nature of blockchain discourages participation, alien UI/UX when playing even simple games.