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Zone Games

Games and gaming modes offered by ZONE.
🎮 Zone offers an array of engaging game modes, with more exciting modes on the horizon! 🌟 The existing five gaming modes include:
  1. 1.
    🤝 Zone Team Battle
  2. 2.
    🥇 Zone Solo Challenge
  3. 3.
    👥 Player vs Player
  4. 4.
    📊 Ladders
  5. 5.
    🏈 Fantasy Sports

🕹️ In the Zone universe, the captivating game modes of Zone Team Battle and Zone Solo Challenge operate on the concept of rolling time pools ⌛.
This ingenious design ensures players can dive into the action instantly, as an ever-open game pool awaits. 🚀 Participants contribute a modest participation fee upon entry, and the rewards are subsequently drawn from the cumulative pool fees. For those seeking another dimension of excitement, Free-To-Play pools beckon, offering potential prizes in select games and modes. 🎁
🌀 Zone Team Battle: Immerse in the multiplayer frenzy of Team Battle, a riveting Team vs Team tournament mode fostering collective competition. 👥 Triumphs are shared equally among team members in the aftermath of a victory 🏅. Multiple attempts grant players shots at amassing points, with only their pinnacle score contributing to the team's total 📈. A team's aggregate score is the mean of each player's highest score within a specific pool. The pool accommodates multitudes, and its bounty burgeons dynamically as player engagement escalates. 🌐
🚀 Zone Solo Challenge: Embark on the solo adventure of the Solo Challenge, where players vie for supremacy atop the leaderboards 🏆. Elite achievers are rewarded varying portions of the pool prize contingent on their leaderboard rank. 🥇 Players are granted multiple chances to accrue points, yet only their paramount score elevates their leaderboard standing. With boundless capacity, these challenges welcome myriad participants concurrently. 🌌

🤼 Player vs Player mode sparks head-to-head showdowns brimming with potential prize winnings. ⚔️

🎯 Ladders introduce time-based, rolling game pools tailored for AAA games 🎮—the gaming elite's paradise.

🏈 Fantasy sports 👾 unveil a realm where gamers forge their dream teams, battling it out for crypto rewards 🏆.

📝 Note: Zone obtains a 10% platform fee from all pools except the free-to-play ones. Expect the future to unfold with diverse pool structures and novel fee arrangements. 🚀🔮
Stay tuned for upcoming modes that will surely amplify the gaming experience! 🚀🎉