Features of Zobo

  1. 1.
    Game Challenges - Zobo allows on-chain challenging other players to games of skill, for example, a chess match, with wagers. Zobo uses familiar commands already used across gaming communities. The winning amount is directly sent to the players’ wallets after the match. Any game can be plugged into Zobo and players simply play the game in their native environment, preserving the complete essence of the games. A number of games are pre-built into Zobo such as Chess, Clash Royale, Ludo, etc.
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    Zone Fantasy Sports - Users can use Zobo’s Fantasy Sports features to form their virtual sports teams and emulate their favorite Fantasy Leagues on the blockchain. As fantasy owners, users form the best teams and stack up fantasy points throughout the game, with the best performing teams winning the league and the ZONE token pool along with it.