AFK Elephants | ZONE NFTs on Algorand

AFK Elephants 🎮🔥 are the world’s first gamified, deflationary NFTs with power-up mechanics.
AFK Elephant #1659
Introducing AFK Elephants( 🐘🕹️, the ZONE NFTs that express the very spirit of gamefi. 🎮🌌 These NFTs themselves are gamified 🕹️🎈, but they, in turn, gamify the ZONE ecosystem as well. 🌐🕹️ They are multi-utility in nature with both cosmetic and gamefi features. 🎉💰
AFK Elephants 🐘🌍 are the most intelligent species in the metaverse 🌌🧠 and the native utility NFTs of the ZONE gamefi ecosystem. 🎮🏞️ AFK NFTs offer massive utility both in the real world and in the Algorand ecosystem. 🌐💼
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